Funkshen Nitro Platinum PP 42” | Good Earth Surf Shop

Funkshen Nitro Platinum PP 42”


CORE: 1.9pcf Premium PP
DECK: Cellu-Cushion® 8lb PE
SLICK: DuPont™ Surlyn®
RAILS: 55/45 Double Rails
TAIL: Crescent

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Skintec™, Precision Recoil Stringer™, Channels, Nose Grips, Nose and Tail Buffers. Nitro Graphic Slick.


The Funkshen Nitro Platinum is an optimal performance model, that allows controlled acceleration and speed down the line, to hit sections and land high performance manoeuvres. The Nitro combines the latest in board technology with Skintec and PRS stringer, with a fresh and original graphic slick design.


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