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Core: 2.4lb Extruded PE w/ Tension Tech
Deck: Wavecushion Air 8lb PE
Slick: Surlyn
Stringer: S10 Stringer
Reinforcements: Slick Mesh + Tension Tech Construction (Link Mesh + 2 Layers of IXLPP Substrate)
Features: Nose Bulbs, Deck Bulbs, Tail Piece, CNC Channels, Crescent Tail

There has been a strong calling for a board like this!

This board has been designed in conjunction with the legendary Steve "Bullet" Mackenzie. We wanted to create a board with an "old school" feel, using all the modern technology at our disposal. We also wanted to create a board that is going to feel good, straight out of the plastic as soon as the waves turn on! 

Shape-wise, we have used the template from the board Bullet won '97 Pipe Comp on, so we know it works! We have kept the classic curve, although had it narrowed a touch to suit the modern day style of riding and waves surfed.

Overall though, we definitely wouldn't call it a thin or narrow board, so it would still ride well in average conditions.

With the extra flex, this board is also currently ridden by high performance riders such as Shaun Pyne and George Humphreys as it makes it an ideal board for the slabby, hollow waves they like to surf. 

To sum it all up, the S-Flex has a timeless shape with some modern core modifications. The PE Core will give the board good flex, allowing you to scoop into hollow waves and feel instantly “ridden in”, while the Tension Tech will give it good projection and durability.

It would suit anyone in mid to cool climates.

Comes in classic colour combos for a little bit of old school flavour.

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