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The Style Template is the perfect balance between speed, control and manoeuvrability , This is a universal design that will work well in all conditions for all types of moves. The style will allow you to flow your moves together or just as easily loft an air or arc a carving reverse.

Core: Kinetic Polypro Core (PP)
KPP is a state of the art engineered Bodyboard core. A lightweight core that is fusion formed to create a nucleus that delivers incredible flex properties, including instant recoil, enhanced longitudinal stiffness and awesome compression strength. 100% Waterproof.

Stringer: Single Stringer
A stringer is a hollow, filament would composition fiber tube used for board strength and instant recoil.

Deck: 8 Pound PE Deck Skin
5mm 8 pcf Wave Cushion non-crosslink polyethylene deck and rail skins. The premier skin for high performance boards

Tension Tech:Is a top Mesh Sub Layer. It consists of a sheet of Mesh Sandwiched between two Layers of 1.5mm IXLPP (crosslink polypropylene)

Slick: SURLYN Slick Skin
Top end, the finest grade authentic Dupont Surlyn slick skin. Surlyn exhibits rubber like properties for superior projection.

Channels: MS Channels
Gradual entry but its surface area remains constant through-out the water flow.With water flow when you increase surface, going from flat bottom to concave (channel) this creates drag and slows down the board. With the MS Channels two things occur.
1. Smooth Entry into the channel.
2. No drag producing added surface area

Tail: Delta Tail
Innovated Bat Tail – More aggressive curve for sharper control and superior drive.

Additional Features
55/45 Double Rail
Nose Bulbs (Raised nose grips shaped into the corners of the Surlyn or HD bottom, ergonomically formed for fingertip control)
Thumb Bar
Raised Elbow Panel
Elbow Lock
Slick Mesh (Diamond shaped plastic mesh weave, laminated between the core and the slick for improved stiffness, recoil and lifespan)

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