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Acclaimed as one of Australia's finest storytellers and live performers, Ash Grunwald will release his new album 'Mojo' on 30 August.

Recorded in the US and Australia, Mojo also features appearances by Kasey Chambers, Mahalia Barnes, Joe Bonamassa, The Cat Empire’s Harry James Angus, Terry Evans, Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater, Ian Collard and The Fabulous Thunderbirds’ Kim Wilson.

LP - Side A

  • 1. Hammer (feat. Terry Evans)
  • 2. Ain't My Problem (feat. The Teskey Brothers)
  • 3. Waiting Around To Die (feat. Joe Bonamassa, Josh Teskey & Ian Collard)
  • 4. Whispering Voice (feat. Kasey Chambers)
  • 5. Human (feat. Mahalia Barnes & Harry Angus James)
  • 6. Trouble's Door (feat Mahalia Barnes & Kim Wilson)

LP - Side B

  • 1. Mountain (feat. Mahalia Barnes)
  • 2. 3AM (feat. Harry Angus James & Ian Collard)
  • 3. How Many More Years (feat. Eddy 'The Chief' Clearwater & Ian Collard)
  • 4. Whipping Boy (feat. Terry Evans)
  • 5. The Boogie
  • 6. Goin' Out West (feat. Kim Wilson)

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