About Us | Good Earth Surf Shop


Good Earth started in the same year as Billabong in 1973, as the original surf shop in Bunbury.
It all began on the second floor of the old fire station near Souths Furniture, then all the way down Victoria Street near where Sears Café is now.
Finally we ended up on Wellington Street as a two storey store which also accommodated a Health Shop on the bottom floor. You could get the best Banana smoothies & Lebanese wraps whilst walking out with some killer boardies.
The café soon moved out and became Natural Temptations at Centrepoint when the shopping centre opened, and the surf shop and health store took over.
Nowadays we’re a local business supporting local people and projects, specialising in bodyboarding and bringing back what a traditional surf shop should be!
We stock the latest fashions and bodyboarding gear, as well as a wide range of accessories to make your experience in and out of the water, the best it can be.