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Lachlan Hearne

Hey I'm Lachlan Hearne, I'm from Geraldton WA, I'm 15 years of age and have an extreme passion for bodyboarding.

I like to surf dome which is this sucky left rock groyne which is so fun when it's howling southerly and big swell. I also like to surf the point which also is a super fun wave, can get pretty big and dangerous inside. It has a super fun take off with plenty of sections until the close out which is on razor sharp reef and it's about ankle deep haha.

In the sport I look up to Sam Bennett, Ryan Hardy, Lewy Finnegan and Jake Stone. They personally are my favourite riders and they absolutely rip!

My aspirations with bodyboarding is to place well in my competitions and to gain some more sponsors as well as Good Earth Surf, yeeeewww!