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Cohen Thomas

Cohen Thomas
Pride, Good Earth, Reeflex, Axiom


What gets me Stoked?

Shipsterns Bluff gets me really stoked! 
Surfing heavy waves is  something that really get me going, and is a unique aspect of bodyboarding that separates it from allot of other sports. A good day down at shippies is all-time, being there in the channel watching your mates  pulling into 10ft pits is what gets me really amped.

Traveling is also a big thing for me. Exploring new places and surfing new waves is epic. There is so many places I want to go for bodyboarding! Its the best feeling  going away with you mates and scoring!

Getting shots run is a really good way to improve your Profile and something Im always working on, aswell as competing and making Surf clips.

Im stoked to be on the Good Earth team with a bunch of legends, I'm looking forward to making 2017 a productive year. I would also like to say a big congrats to Darren with the opening of his new Store!!!