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Stephen Dodd



Shoalwater, WA 6169. Growing up my whole life in Shoalwater, being a little gem south of Perth and I probably wouldn't have started bodyboarding if I lived elsewhere. When i was 15 a few guys i knew told me about a wave close by (752m from my house) and i headed there and started bodyboarding, and was hooked. I was previously riding a stick, but the wave was too perfect for bodyboard and i have loved it ever since.

Where i like to surf? Locally - mandurah wedge, and beach breaks between Rockingham and Mandurah, and my local. Travelled to the Mentawaii islands last year and every session there was incredible, so id love to travel and surf more waves in indo. Future Aspirations? To surf with more power and push myself further and further outside my comfort zone.

Surfing with guys that can make me want to improve my surfing, whether thats freesurfing, competitions or travelling.