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TENDER Book + Movie

In the spring of 1999 on an unremarkable Moroccan beach, a nine-year-old French kid is entranced by a man sliding along the face of a wave on a piece of foam. Wave-riding history is changed forever.

Tender is a 134-page hardcover masterpiece, charting the life of two-time bodyboarding World Champion Pierre Louis Costes and his rise from inspired grom to the top of the world.

Part biography and part history lesson, the book takes readers from Morocco to Australia, Hawaii, Ireland, Chile, Canary Islands, Portugal, California and Indonesia, detailing the highs and lows of Pierre’s storied career, plus what makes each location a crucial piece of the bodyboarding puzzle.

Tender features untold insights from bodyboarding’s defining figures, from its inventor Tom Morey and nine-time world champion Mike Stewart, to international icons such as Guilherme Tamega, Ryan Hardy, Jared Houston, Nick Gornall, Tanner McDaniel and Jeff Hubbard, just to name a few - all complemented with imagery from some of the world’s finest surf photographers. 

Own a piece of bodyboarding history and grab a copy of this special-edition book - produced by the team behind Movement Magazine - which includes a digital copy of the stunning Tender film** (running time 52 minutes).

 Tender is limited to 1,000 copies WORLD WIDE and stock won't last long.