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2016 Indo Teaser

With bags packed with some boards, fins, shorts, tees and a rashie. A few crew from the GE team ventured out on its travels to explore the most documented bay in Java, Indonesia.

Watukurang is a great little village and the waves.....well its raved about and there is good reason why. What more could you want a left and a right reef break. All day waves. 

Whilst getting there wasn't as much a mission as some other well known spots it definitely made the start to our adventures interesting. Leaving a miserable winters day behind in Perth and getting aboard the plane was the first step to starting off better than last years team trip (expired passport causing some annoyance in 2015). All the crew rocked up well before they needed, all though a bit tired, they were all excited of what could lay ahead them. The 3 and a 1/2 hour flight felt like nothing and before we knew it we were in Denpasar. Luggage in hand we trekked over to the Domestic Airport. More check-ins and baggage scans faced us once more but unfazed we continued on until we reached the food hall. First feeds of Nasi Goreng Ayam and Mie Goreng were demolished and we sat patiently for the next flight a few of the boys with Bintangs in hand.

Another short domestic flight and then the fun began again as cars were loaded to the brink of collapse, feeds at dodgy Warungs, narrow steep roads and stories flowed until we made it. Seeing the Prapto sign was an immeasureable pleasure. We got our rooms and ditched our bags then walked down the dark moon lit path to see what lay before us. Of course more darkness, but the very unforgettable sound of crashing waves...

then next morning we woke to this......... Here is the teaser full clip to drop soon.


Welcome to the Jungle from Good Earth Surf Shop on Vimeo.