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Holding On

Its coming HOLDING ON Margaret River Premier has been set to happen on the Friday 4th of March. With Perth showing all ready sold out I suggest that you get cracking on getting your tickets for this event.
Good Earth Margaret River is set to have in store signing prior to the event to get you amped. Old school boogin at its best. Be sure to get involved. It will be a wild very educational night. Learn about where your sport got its credit. This is arguably where it all started .Starring now Margies local Nathan “Nugget” Purcell along with Dave Ballard, Matt Percy, Adam “Wingnut” Smith, Christian “Rissole” Riguccini and Mark Fordham the film features old school clips and interviews from a number of legendary bodyboarders.
This crew turned Boogieboarding into Bodyboarding. Get behind it.
Tickets available at
Check out the trailer here.