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1st tow-out cover, 'Riptide', January 2003

 This cover shot was taken from the early days of tow out surfing with tow-out innovator Chris White. We were filming for Tension 4 when this sequence was taken by Perth photographer Scott Farris.  I'd had some decent boosts this day and then Whitey slingshotted me into this 3ft closeout ramp which launched me higher than I'd ever been in my life! It felt like the closest I had ever been to actually flying.  I flew way higher than I'd ever been on my trampoline and it was amazing how much I could see from up there with the birds eye view!  I landed way off the back and still got slapped and a bit winded when I bailed onto my back in the hard water.

Tow out bodyboarding in the past 13years has gone in and out of fashion in the bodyboarding media, but the one thing that remains the same is the ridiculous amount of air you can get off a 2 to 3ft wave!!