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McCall Family, Byron Bay, AUSTRALIA


For anyone that has seen the recent bodyboard movie “Holding On” you would’ve been amazed by the crazy antics of the Pommy immigrant who first surfed Shark Island named Chaz. However, there is a little more to Chaz’s name and family legacy than the movie lets on.

Chaz McCall is THE original charger of bodyboarding in Australia. He was the first bodyboarder to regularly charge Shark Island back when it was considered an unrideable wave by surfers in the early 1980's.

He was the major inspiration to Australia's first wave of professional riders like Ross Hawke, Doug Robson, Steve MacKenzie and Evan Penglis.

Over the next few decades as generations of Aussie pro bodyboarders came and went, Chazzy's name would surface from time to time as the original and mythical Island charger.  Only in recent times have Chaz's youthful antics been revived and revisited through the riding and reputation of his two sons, Winston and Oscar. 

Both sons possess incredible natural talent on the boog and have both featured in several bodyboarding movies in the early naughties. Winston found himself in the limelight of bodyboarding media regularly, gracing the cover of Riptide twice and to this day still remains as one of the top sponsored riders for Unite Clothing Co and more recently JG boards.

In the early 2000's, both brothers obsession for bodyboarding gradually subsided for a newfound obsession, hardcore punk and metal core music.

Fast forward a decade and Winston and Oscar's love for music has landed them successful vocalist careers in their respective bands, Parkway Drive and 50 lions. Both brother's bands have received huge national and international success and their is no doubting that the McCall name will live on in Australian bodyboarding and hardcore music for generations to come.