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Shark Island victory 2010, FIFO style


This is a contest victory that I will never forget. Not so much for the epic waves or the stiff competition, but the mission I endured to eventually hold up the winner's cheque...

On the eventual day that the event ran, it was incidentally my third flight from Perth to Sydney for the contest.

The first flight I had made the effort to fly over for the check-in promo and receive my 'Hardy' comp rashie. The second flight, over two weeks later, was a huge fail.  Huey didn't provide the swell that had been forecasted and the event was postponed.

The third flight another week later, I waited till the very last minute to ensure the swell would come through and the event would run. I sure as hell didn't want a repeat of the previous fail!

So sure enough, I boarded the four hour midnight flight from Perth, arrived in Sydney at about dawn and raced straight to the island to arrive just in time for my first heat.

I was tired and groggy in my first heat, but managed to put some good waves together despite the fact that I was getting some mild cramps. At this stage I seriously doubted my chances because as anyone knows, once cramping starts, things generally go downhill fast! In my quarter final though, my body felt great and I guess adrenaline had kicked me into gear.  Now the waves were pumping and I felt amazing!  Before I knew it I was in a hotly contested final in sick 3-5ft Island against Benny P, Kingy and Shaun Pyne.  I managed to score some fun ramps and pits in the final and come away with a win! Once the presso was done and Boogie Boss, Alex Leon, had handed me my trophy and 8k winners cheque, I was straight back to the airport for a 7pm flight to Perth.  The 3 return flights in excess of $1500 had all been worth it and the Fly In Fly Out gig had paid off in the end, stoked!!