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Bodyboarding Legends

Kainoa McGee, Hawaii

 Kainoa is by far the biggest waterman of our sport. He does it all; prone, DK, SUP, shortboard, longboard and all with his powerhouse Hawaiian style.

He is as loveable as he is intimidating and is by far the friendliest north shore heavy that you'll ever come across.

He's had more Second Places at the Pipe contest than any other bodyboarder, almost always finishing behind Pipeline legend Mike Stewart.

When it comes to versatility, however, Kainoa is second to none. He is one of the best bodyboarders to have ever surfed Pipe and arguably the best dropkneer next to Jack 'the ripper' Lindholm.  He is one of the best Stand up Paddle Boarders at Pipe and has also placed highly in the WQS Pipe Pro amongst some of the best stand up surfers in the world.

I've personally been fortunate to watch Kainoa give amazing performances at Pipe on all his different crafts. For me, the most mind blowing and skillful performances that I've witnessed by Kainoa has been dropkneeing big Pipe.  To be able to dropknee at Pipe takes a ridiculous amount of guts and skill, so to see Kainoa charging 8 to 10ft Pipe on the knee, particularly during the late 90's, was some of the most incredible bodyboarding I've ever witnessed.  I'm sure to this day, given the chance, Kainoa would throw up the knee on a bomb at Pipe and I sure as hell would love to be sitting there in the channel watching!