HardyBlog - A tribute to Mike Stewart | Good Earth Surf Shop

HardyBlog - A tribute to Mike Stewart

Welcome to my Hardy Blog!

Each day that I am in here at the Good Earth Margies store I will be posting about our incredible sport that has given me so many epic experiences and continues to amp me up on a day to day basis. 

If you’re dropping through Margaret River, feel free to come by the shop and share your bodyboarding experiences and check out some of the latest gear on offer from today’s leading brands.

To get this HardyBlog off to a kickstart, I’m going to give praise to the undisputed King of bodyboarding.He’s been labelled the chairman of the board, the godfather, the best surfer in the world of any kind.

He is the living legend, 53yr old Mike Stewart from Hawaii…

It's not the 9 World Titles or the 11 Pipeline titles that put him in the legend books for me, but rather the fact that Mike has personally paved the way for all bodyboarders that follow him.  All the best riders of this entire sport have in some way been influenced or affected by the style of Mike's riding or the fierce nature of his competitiveness.  He has led bodyboarding through every stage of progression from air moves and charging big pipe and Teahupoo, to towing into big jaws and Chopes.  Mike was the major player in taking our sport to the 'super tour' stage where we now see our tour held in epic venues like Fronton, Pipe, The Box, Chile and Puerto Escondido.

 Your legend will live forever in this sport Mike, thankyou and see you for a heavy session soon you 53year old freak!!

 Thanks to James Murdoch for creating this killer collage - Mahalo's Cuz!!


- Ryan Hardy